Common Business School Application Requirements

Just over a century ago, a new educational opportunity came into play. It was known as the Master of Business Administration, and it gave those interested in furthering their educations and careers a wide range of new opportunities. Since that time, the MBA has grown to become the most highly sought-after postgraduate degree with hundreds of thousands of people applying to business schools each year.

Being a college graduate doesn’t automatically render people eligible for an MBA. In fact, pursuing this type of degree comes with several prerequisites. Though some business schools have their own unique requirements, many of the acceptance criteria are universal. No matter which institution you’re considering applying to, the services available at Personal MBA Coach can be immensely helpful.

Common Requirements for Business Schools

As you’re thinking about the business schools at your disposal, it’s important to keep in mind they look at specific credentials when allowing students into their MBA programs. Some revolve around past education and performance whereas others pertain to job experience and practical skill sets. Meeting business schools’ expectations requires an in-depth look at certain crucial factors.

Your Background

When applying for a job, having a well-rounded resume is essential. This is also true when you’re applying to business schools. They want to see records of your past work experience, college education, extracurricular activities, and various other elements. On top of that, the resumes you send out should be tailored to the MBA programs you’re applying to. This is the initial step in getting your foot in the door, so it’s particularly important.

The Essay

An essay must be included with your application, resume, and other documents. This write-up paints a more detailed picture of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and why you’re a good candidate for the school’s MBA program. You’ll be judged based on your credentials as well as your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and creativity. Covering all the right information is crucial when you’re writing an essay designed to impress your business school of choice.

Letters of Recommendation

Business schools generally don’t take an applicant’s word for why he or she should be accepted into their MBA programs. Unfortunately, a glowing review of your strengths and personality from mom or a close friend won’t fit the bill, either. You’ll need a letter of recommendation from someone with a more objective view. This also needs to be a person whose opinion the business school values.

The Interview

In addition to submitting a resume, essay, and letter of recommendation, you’ll be interviewed by the business school you’re applying to. For many, this is the most nerve-racking portion of the process. After all, you can proofread and edit your resume and essay as many times as necessary to get them perfect. That’s not possible during an interview, though. Because of this, practice and preparation are immeasurably critical.

Bottom Line

All these components are important when you’re applying to business school. Mastering them on your own isn’t an easy feat. Most people aren’t even sure of where to begin. Help is available, though. With an MBA coach, you’ll have expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. In many cases, that level of assistance makes all the difference.

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