Hilarious Videos to watch about rummy

Fun is an inevitable aspect of almost every game ever invented. As technology has advanced considerably in recent years, the ways to enjoy a game have also evolved. Digital broadcast media and online video streaming channels such as YouTube have completely changed the way people looked at games.

For example, a soccer fan in India can watch the live telecast of the FIFA World Cup from the convenience of their home on their tv. Similarly, technology has also brought many exciting propositions for enjoying rummy. There are many hilarious videos about the game on YouTube that can tickle your funny bones. So, let us take a look at the top videos that will leave you laughing for a long time.

  1. The Struggles of Rummy Anna:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BSVPGtGIi8

Watch Rummy Anna struggling to find a partner for playing the game in this hilarious advertisement video. Don’t even think of skipping to the end if you don’t want to miss the different situations Anna has to go through for finding his partner for a game of rummyThe advertisement video shows how almost everyone Rummy Anna knows is busy in their personal and professional lives.

You will find it hard to hold back a giggle every time Anna gets slapped by people he tries to convince for playing with him. The actor in this hilarious video goes to every place possible to find a partner to play his favourite card game. At one point in time, Rummy Anna also tries to find a partner on an alien planet with the help of a telescope for playing rummy. The climax tops everything perfectly as Rummy Anna finally succeeds in finding a reliable online portal.

You could also skip the troubles Rummy Anna went through and choose a trustworthy online portal like Rummy Passion.

  1. Bhola plays it Smooth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM0kE6IFugc

Find the quintessential Rajpal Yadav in this ad video. The actor who brought lots of smiles on the faces of millions of Indian audiences through his comic performances in Bollywood films plays ‘Bhola’ in this advertisement.

Bhola hails from a remote small-town, which still follows the social norms of 15th century India. As Bhola arrives in the city for the job of a security executive, he struggles to cope with the fancies of the big city.

Watch Rajpal Yadav in this best form as he showcases Bhola trying to escape awkward social interactions by playing rummy.

You can also try downloading a mobile app and play the most loved Indian card game carefree just like Bhola!

  1. Rummy Troubles with Prakash Raj and Rana Daggubati: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHLMWqVmuBA

Two prominent names in the South Indian film industry, Prakash Raj and Rana Daggubati pair up in this hilarious commercial painting the struggles of playing rummy in the past. The video presents a comical illustration of different flaws with traditional rummy, such as collusion among players, distractions, and cheating.

The most interesting highlight of the advertisement is the household help placing a tray of snacks on the rummy table. Don’t miss the expression on Prakash Raj’s face when that happens!

The ad also makes creative use of one of the most popular Hindi songs that still manages to make us laugh. Rana Daggubati’s character saves the day by recommending online rummy to Prakash Raj’s character. A sure watch for people who love to smile!


The videos mentioned above are enough to show you how a game of rummy can be challenging and filled with fun. In addition, these videos also paint a subtle impression of the benefits of choosing reliable online portals. Take the decision and find a new way to enjoy it right now!

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