Watch Tollywood leading Director PuriJagannath Movie “Mehabooba” on Aha. Experience the lot of emotions of love at 1971 Indo-Pak war

Watch Action Telugu Full Movie “Mehabooba” Online at Aha.

Watch this Telugu full movie in HD quality and experience the nail biting excitement. AkashPuri and new actress Neha Shetty are introduced with this Mehabooba movie. AkashPuri is the son of the popular Telugu Director PuriJagannath.

The Mehbooba movie talks about the Reincarnation. It depicts dreams and the reason behind them. You can find some answers in this Telugu full movie for why recurring dreams appear for a few people. Why do they occur!

Mehbooba is a beautiful love story with a social message in this recent time and written by PuriJagannadh. The film Mehbooba is a story of love between Roshan and Afreen, Indian boy and Pakistani girl during the time of 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Must watch PuriJagannath’ love action Mahabooba movie online at Aha

Mehabooba is a Reincarnation based romantic love story based Telugu full movie with a storyline in the backdrop of 1971 Indo – Pak war. The movie is filmed with scenes of romance, love, action, emotional drama based on a patriotic backdrop story.  PuriJagannath filmed it with the beautiful on-screen chemistry between AkashPuri and new actress Neha Shetty, the lead pair of the movie.

Cast and Crew:

Starring:AkashPuri, Neha Shetty


Musical Director: Sandeep chowta


Genre: Drama action

Why Watch Mehbooba Telugu Full Movie on Aha

In Hyderabad city, Roshan (AkashPuri) always dreams that he is killed. This dream he gets from his childhood. Afreen, a Pakisthani girl also gets the same dreams. Afreen gets engaged with Nadir and she doesn’t want to marry him. Afreen comes to Hyderabad India to study her Engineering. In Hyderabad, Roshan saves her from a kidnap incident.

Roshan gets selected for Indian Army. Before joining the job in Indian army, he plans to trek in the Himalayas with his friends. At the same time, Afreen gets the phone call from her mother and asks her to return to Pakistan. In an incident in the Himalayas, Roshan realizes that Afreen is his lover in his past birth. The rest of the story is how Roshan and Afreen reunited during the 1971 Indo-Pak war time.

Here are the reasons for why watch Mehabooba movie

Directed by Purijagannath

Indo-Pak backdrop story

On-screen chemistry of the lead pairs

A unique storyline with Reincarnation

Extravagant visuals

AkashPuri’s first film

Watch the War Action Romantic Drama movie “Mehabooba” now!

Reincarnation is a different storyline in this recent time in Tollywood. This story generates curiosity in the audiences. Mehabooba is with the Reincarnation story but is linked up with the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Mehabooba is a must watch Telugu full movie with a unique story written with the concept of Reincarnation based, Indo-Pak war background, cool action, beautiful music and excellent visuals, cinematography made this film a must watch on Sunday. Watch it online on aha movies OTT in HD quality.

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