Why Use a Black Ice Air Freshener?  

Introduced in the 1950s, the Little Tree brand of air fresheners have helped people keep their cars, homes, offices, and lockers smelling fresh for more than 60 years. This was true even in the early years of the brand when it only offered three different scents. It offers dozens more today, including the black ice air freshener. Black ice emits a bold, brisk, clean, and masculine scent that both men and women across the world enjoy. You might be surprised at how quickly you sell this product.

The Power of a Pleasant Fragrance

Most people buy a black ice air freshener for practical reasons. They have unpleasant odors in their vehicle or another place they spend a lot of time and want to mask the smell with a more enjoyable fragrance.

However, the use of these Little Tree air fresheners goes beyond the practical. Scientific studies have proven that scent has a powerful effect on people and can help to calm them in a way that input through the other senses cannot do. When you consider that most people use these air fresheners in their car, it is easy to see why keeping calm behind the wheel is so important.

A Brand That Motorists Trust

Many companies have tried to imitate the Little Tree brand throughout the years without a lot of success. People buy Little Tree over other brands because they recognize the unique shape and bold packaging. They also know from experience that the tiny air freshener packs a powerful punch in providing a more pleasant aroma for their surroundings. Other brands can never match the name and shape recognition along with the superior performance of Little Tree air fresheners.

A Blend of Mysterious Scents

People who use the black ice air freshener can’t always describe the mixture of fragrances they are experiencing through smell. The manufacturer describes the black ice version of these air fresheners as having a combination of bergamot, lemon, sandalwood, and just enough of an aura of mystery to make it especially attractive. As with all fragrance varieties in the Little Tree family, black ice has a strong deodorizer feature and is easy to connect with other products for a truly unique scent experience.

Sturdy and Dependable Construction

As the Little Tree product hangs in a car or another place that tends to attract odors, it draws the odors into the product and releases a more pleasant smell at the same time. The manufacturers construct it from lightweight material that can stand up to any environment. The inexpensive price means that you can buy the air fresheners in bulk and make a handsome profit by selling them individually or in four-packs to your customers.

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