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Equip the office reception correctly

The reception of the office may be one of the essential parts of a company’s facilities. Through the reception of a company, the world circulates workers, customers, suppliers. Every one must perceive the identity and professionalism of the company, so taking care of its design and decoration is undoubtedly essential.

The reception in an office must convey the identity and philosophy of the company.

To achieve this goal, the project must take into account the furniture, materials, and finishes to be used, colors, lighting, style, and continuity with the rest of the space, especially if it is ample areas.

The reception must be a place that invites you to enter and that at first sight provides information on the type of company you are visiting. The reception of the office should impress the visitor, either for its elegance, sobriety, spectacular.

Logo at the reception of an office

The counter is undoubtedly the protagonist of these spaces. Usually, your location should be right in front of the entrance door. Its size must be proportionate to the space that contains it, and optionally it can include the logo or name of the company, with the objective that the visitor easily recognizes our brand.

Font Salem Entrance

Furniture materials are elements that give a certain character to the facilities. Wood and natural materials provide warmth to the environment, materials used in the case of the Z2 counter and the Avant counter, while the smooth and lacquered finishes, such as the NW counter, add a modern and technological touch to our facilities. Check this website for more info.

Avant counter

If at your reception you have a waiting area, the sofas and armchairs should be as comfortable as possible, always following the decorative line of the rest of the office. Combining individual and simple armchairs gives a touch of modernity, and the more sober sofas are preferably used to provide a more classic image of the company. Some of our proposals are the Dunas XL armchair, the Hola sofa, or the Elements XS series.

We must prevent the reception of the office from being a monotonous and boring place.

Another important aspect to keep in mind at the office reception is the color of the walls. To gain luminosity, it is convenient to paint the walls with light tones. Trying to contrast the walls with the counter and the rest of the furniture at the reception is a good option. We must prevent the reception in the office from being a monochrome and monotonous place.

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