How to Improve Your GMAT Score



GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is taken by aspirants who want to pursue an MBA or MS in Finance. It is conducted and administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), USA. TheGMAT result is accepted by almost all premier schools, and a GMAT score of 750 out of 800 will ensure your application to be considered by Ivy League schools. If you are aiming for admission at top B-schools like Harvard, Wharton, Booth and Columbia University, then a good GMAT result is a must. A high GMAT score doesn’t ensure admission, but a low one will reduce your chances of admission.


The GMAT examis based on basic concepts of Math’s and verbal section. The ability to think quickly and to complete a task under pressure is tested.


GMAT Test Section Total No. of questions Types of Questions Timing
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Analysis of Argument 30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 ●     Table Analysis

●     Two-Two Part Analysis

●     Multi-source reasoning

●     Graphics Interpretation

30 minutes
Qualitative 37 ●     Data Sufficiency

●     Problem Solving

75 minutes
Verbal ability 41 ●     Critical Reasoning

●     Sentence Correction

●     Reading Comprehension

75 minutes
Total Questions 91 Total time 3 hour 30 mins


General tips


Here are some general tips:-


  • Have enough time to prepare: At least three months must be devoted to revision and practice to get good GMAT results. A candidate must plan for a year-long


  • The key to success is practice, practice and practice: Give tests like you are giving the actual exam. Try to follow the same conditions of GMAT. Practice lots of test.


  • Follow a schedule: Try to maintain a routine and study at the same time. Keep a balance between sleep and work.


  • Previous years question papers: Must study sections which have been asked in previous year question papers.


  • Analysis of your test score: Check which areas of question paper were difficult for you. Work hard for those areas which took more time and effort.


  • Check out other study methods: Various study techniques like individual or group courses which are available or one on one guidance.


Section-wise strategy

There are 4 sections let’s check each one in detail:-


Verbal section

The ability to read, understand written material and evaluation of arguments comprises verbal section.


  • Practice reading comprehension: Try reading as many articles or passages as possible. Take one question at a time.


  • Grammar: It is one of the toughest section of grammar. Keep practising modifiers and prepositions. Sentence formation requires a higher level of analysis and logical application to get a good GMAT score.


Integrated Reasoning


Integrated reasoning assesses the ability to organise, combine and judge information to solve problems.


  • Analyse previous year question paper: It is important to familiarize with the test format. It is a slightly different format. So analysis will help you get an idea of the question paper.


  • Practice graph: Venn diagrams, charts and tables are parts of integrated reasoning. If the graphs can be understood properly, the question solving becomes easy.


  • Practice sample papers.


Qualitative sections:


In this section, mathematical knowledge is required. The ability to check data and draw conclusions is important.


  • Focus on weakness: If geometry or algebra is your weak concepts, focus on them first. Clear all unclear concepts.


  • Clear your concepts: GMAT requires basic maths so some concepts which you have forgotten can be reviewed from your high school books.


  • Refer to various study sources: Take online practice tests and mock tests. Refer to other study concepts.


Analytical Writing Assessment


It checks your ability to think critically and communication of your ideas.


  • Choose a template for essay: Make a rough sample of essays and choose from the above, which is the most feasible for you.


  • Sample essays: Check sample essays for the following points:-


  • Give direction to your essay.
  • Analysing your argument is important
  • Support your arguments with examples.
  • Note down various points and then give the essay a final shape.


So these are the strategy one must follow for a good GMAT score and a great GMAT results.


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