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4 Best Ways to Crack Entrance exam for the 4th Grade of Language Arts

An entrance exam for the 4th grade of language arts is a task every student must go through to get into the school. To get into the best school, you need to score high on this test, as many students take this exam, and many schools with limited space. To succeed in this exam, you should pay attention to these ways to crack the entrance exam for the 4th grade of language arts [ข้อสอบ เข้า ม 4 สาย ศิลป์ ภาษา, which is the term in THAI] that can help you achieve your dream school placement.

Practice Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an essential part of writing and language arts. One great way to improve reading comprehension is by practicing with everyday news articles or Wikipedia entries. There are also a ton of reading-comprehension worksheets online if you’re looking for a different route. Reading is a fundamental part of learning and should be used as such! Practice makes perfect, so dedicate time each day toward improving your comprehension skills and watch your grades soar!

Get used to multiple-choice questions.

If you’re new to standardized tests, you may want to familiarize yourself with multiple-choice questions. Not only are they expected on entrance exams, but many other assessments also contain these. There’s one primary way that MCQs differ from traditional essay-style questions: Your answers must be brief and single-sentenced. While your writing doesn’t have a character limit, your response should not exceed 200 words.

Learn how to use suffixes

Suffixes are words that get added at, near, or sometimes even in place of other words. They can change a word’s meaning entirely, and their presence can significantly impact how others perceive your writing. 

Master synonyms and antonyms

The biggest mistake kids can make is using a single word where multiple words are necessary. For example, writing I like ice cream instead of I like vanilla ice cream, or using it when referring to a specific noun. A good tip is to learn synonyms and antonyms—that way, you can choose different words based on which one makes your sentence more vivid or precise.

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