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5 Ways Solar Panels Can Save You Money in 2021

We know solar panels can help the environment—but did you know they can also help your wallet?

Solar power is sustainable and renewable, a much better alternative than fossil fuels when it comes to power. Solar panels work by converting the sun’s rays into functional electricity, which you can use to power your home just as you would with traditional power.

Ready to learn how solar panels can save you money? If so, keep reading to find five ways solar will help your budgeting in 2021.

1. Lower Electricity Bills

One of the best reasons to switch to green energy is to save money. With solar, you’re no longer reliant on the energy companies, who can charge varying, expensive rates at different times of the year.

Instead, your solar panels are generating their own energy, powering, heating, and cooling your home. Your panels will either greatly reduce your monthly power bill or eliminate it completely. 

Contact a local solar company for a quote for installation in your home.

2. Tax Credits

You can also save money with solar panels via tax credits from the Department of Energy. As an incentive for homeowners to install solar, you can claim a tax credit for a percentage of the costs paid to install the panels.

This is a fantastic way to lower your tax bill and to recoup some of the cost from installation.

3. No Maintenance Fees

With your new solar panels, you won’t need to spend money on expensive mechanics, cleaners, or servicing. Once your panels are up and running, they require very little maintenance.

Experts recommend just checking them out every few months, rinsing them with water and making sure they’re free of debris like leaves or branches.

4. Sell Excess Energy

Ready for more green energy-saving opportunities? In many states, you can actually sell your excess power back into the electricity grid.

If your solar panels generate more power than you need for your home, then this can be a great way to benefit. However, your solar installation company will give you plenty of instructions on how to best care for your panels.

5. Cheaper Charging for Electric Cars

If you drive an electric car, you’re sure to know that charging it at home can very rapidly bump up your electricity bill.

It takes plenty of power to charge a car, so if you don’t want to pay high monthly power bills, switch to solar—giving you unlimited energy to charge your environmentally-friendly car.

Start Saving Money With Solar Panels

With so many great reasons to install solar panels, you’re sure to love the financial benefits they can bring. To get started, research solar companies in your area to learn more about whether or not your home is suitable for solar.

If so, they can get started right away, installing the panels on your roof or elsewhere on the home. Make this the year you switch to sustainable energy!

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