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7 Beneficial Tricks for Playing Poker

According to some people, online games are more often won by luck more than by strategies. Although there are no fully proven methods for successfully completing the poker games, you can implement some quick tricks to ensure that you improve yourself in every layer and earn money. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these below mentioned clever tips will put you ahead in the game:

1)    Decide Your Game-Serious or Fun

For a new player, poker can be a fun game to try out the luck. However, it is essential for the player to decide whether the game is taken on a serious note or just to have some fun. A fun intended game can either give you to win or to lose. But a serious game calls for dedication and right strategies.

2)    Begin with Limited Hands

Playing too many hands can land you in an unfavorable position. Hence it is advisable to play with discipline. Being impatient is harmful. Discover the strength of your actual hand by playing all the hands aggressively. This strategy does not give the opponent to fight back easily.

3)    Limping Is a Good Idea But Only After the First Player

Over limping is a great move which calls the need of at least one player at the beginning that should play before you.

4)    Emotion Is a Setback

Playing with emotion implanted by the opponent can be harmful. It results in poor decision making. A potential or rather a winning player knows that the game will still be there even if it is lost at that time and hence avoids tilt.

5)    Play Safe

It is a good decision to lay down the cards and stop the game when you are not very confident about the game. It is natural for a potential player to be curious about the chance to win. However, this proves to have been creating a wrong situation very often.

6)    Consider Adopting Different Styles

There are four definite approaches to this game

  • Tight- When you play tight you play fewer hands to avoid risks
  • Loose- When you play loose, you welcome risks of gambling
  • Aggressive- When you play aggressively; you put the opponents in a difficult situation by engaging in several betting, pots and big bets.
  • Passive- When you play passive; you follow the dictation of the opponent for your advantage.

Although setting up your own suitable approach is a wise choice, however, playing aggressive proves to be the most useful one.

7)    Gather Knowledge of Odds And Out

If you know your poker odds and outs, you know your situation well. The universal rule of 2 and 4 is adopted by most of the players. According to the rule, multiply the number of outs by the number of cards to come when two cards are already there in hand. This gives you an idea about your next move.

To summarise the game, an elite player must form an overall idea from the very beginning of the game. Mathematics and logic should be given priority. Superstitions and emotions must have no room in the strategy. Perception, dedication and learning over time, brings you the success of a higher level.

Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.