7 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Playground Surfacing

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Thanks to the brilliance of technology, innovation has been made to produce a wide range of playground surfacing that can add to the safety and comfort of the children using them. If you’re planning to install a playground, take some time to consider the surface that you will use to give kids the most enjoyable playtime.

Here are 7 factors to consider when choosing the best playground surfacing

1. The amount of time you need to set aside for maintenance – Loose surfaces like sand and wood fiber are popular for use as playground surfacing. Unlike a hard surface, wood chips and sandy provide a soft cushion for kids, so parents worry less about bumps and scrapes. However, kids can get a lot of them in their clothes, and a bit of clean-up may be needed afterward. These surfaces also need a bit more tending to in terms of raking and sifting for bits that have fallen in.

2. The durability of the surface

Playground surfacing gets a lot of traffic. Kids at playtime can get a bit rough sometimes, and it’s important to choose a material that can withstand lots of running, jumps, and other activities. If outdoors, it also needs to hold up well against the elements like rain and intense sunlight.

3. The safety that it provides your kids

If safety is at the top of your list, consider getting rubber playground surfacing. Rubber tiles are not difficult to install and are specially designed to provide good footing and a soft cushion if someone falls over because the material absorbs the shock and protects the body. If your kids prefer playing barefoot, it’s also more comfortable for their feet.

4. Accessibility for children with special needs

It’s vital to consider the needs of differently-abled children to also partake in the enjoyment that a playground brings. Poured in place surfaces made of rubber are an excellent way to let children in wheelchairs go around with ease. What’s great is you can choose how thick you want your rubber surface to be, and it won’t slip around so kids with crutches or prosthetics won’t have difficulty.

5. The equipment that you plan to install on your playground

Ensure that the playground surfacing you choose will work hand in hand with the equipment you get. Tall structures like monkey bars or a slide need to have a cushioned surface to avoid injuries.

6. The overall aesthetic of the playground

Depending on your children’s needs, you can adjust the surface to suit the overall aesthetic. Opting for synthetic turf can be beneficial for kids who don’t go out frequently. The look and feel of the synthetic turf can give them the experience that they’re out in nature. What’s great is these also have foam underneath, so kids are still safe during playtime.

7. The budget that you’ve set aside

Don’t be shy to talk to your contractor about your budget when choosing playground surfacing. Feel free to consult with them about the size of your playground and your needs so they can guide you and help you choose the best surface for your playground without going overboard money-wise.

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