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Bumble Celebrates Black-Owned Businesses

Bumble researchers have revealed that over half of black British people in the United Kingdom have suffered racism or racist prejudice when dating.

The discrimination has caused some black people (1 in 3) to actually cancel dates due to anxieties about the place their date wishes to meet.

Bumble Bizz is looking to help entrepreneurs by giving away business grants  | HelloGiggles

The prejudice is revealed in a variety of ways which include judgmental looks and comments as well as the problem of fetishization of black people.

The result of these continuing and incredibly shameful issues are that around 2 thirds of black British people are actively choosing to attend dates at black-owned businesses.

Bumble has launched a campaign to support and celebrate black-owned businesses and has a host of celebrities on board including Reggie Yates and Stephanie Yeboah.

The result of Bumble’s research is a brand new grant program designed to help small, black-owned businesses to thrive in the post-COVID landscape.

The grants which are for £50,000 are offered through the Bumble app and nominations may be made via Bumble’s Instagram. @Bumble UKI

There’s also a Date Generator which makes it simpler and easier for people to discover black-owned small businesses to attend on dates. The generator works by offering users the opportunity to enter their date details so that suggestions for the perfect location can be given.

Dating online is already tricky and can be stressful so it’s great that Bumble is going the extra mile to support black people who might have suffered from racism during their quest for love. Helping small, black-owned businesses along the way is another wonderful plus!

If only all dating app executives and decision-makers were this inclusive!

Bumble is streets ahead of similar apps in this vein but is it any wonder? Bumble was, after all, the brainchild of Whitney Wolfe Herd who famously suffered enormously due to sexual discrimination during her time on the executive team at Tinder.

Wolfe Herd had been dating a fellow founder, Justin Mateen and when the relationship floundered, Mateen turned nasty. Not only that but so did Sean Rad, the then CEO of Tinder.

Rather than supporting Wolfe Herd, Rad blatantly ignored her when she told him about how Mateen was sending her abusive text messages.

As Rad was the CEO of Tinder at the time, you might think he had a duty to investigate what Wolfe Herd was complaining about but he accused her of being “dramatic” and “annoying”.

Rad eventually lost his position as CEO of Tinder and moved on to making embarrassing statements in public on a variety of subjects.

Some people never learn!

Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.