CBD Side effects and How to Manage Them

Cannabidiol or CBD as it is commonly called is all the rage these days. Since modern medicine sometimes fails its patients, more and more people are looking to CBD and its many products for relief. Most people have been helped by using CBD for a variety of ailments ranging from cancer to insomnia. Generally, people react positively but CBD side effects are not unheard of. The side effects that are experiences are relatively mild and may vary in severity depending on the individual. Let’s take a look at these CBD side effects so that if you are considering using CBD, you know what to expect.

Dry Mouth

Xerostomia or dry mouth is one of the CBD side effects that users may experience. Dry mouth occurs when your salivary glands do not produce enough saliva. Dry mouth may seem like a trivial side effect, but it can be quite uncomfortable and may trigger more serious conditions. When you do not produce enough saliva, your lips may crack, and your tongue may feel unusually rough. In more severe cases, mouth sores may develop. Saliva helps maintain healthy gums and teeth. Lack of saliva may also affect your breath. 

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The first stage of the digestion process is the secretion of saliva to start to moisten your food before it is swallowed. If you plan to continue using CBD products, you need to know how to manage dry mouth. You should sip water throughout the day. Ice cubes are an excellent choice for these bursts of hydration. Limit your alcohol, sugar, salt and caffeine intake. In order to maintain dental health, you should use mouth washes and brush your teeth often. There are also saliva substitutes that can be used.

Low Blood Pressure

CBD use may affect your blood pressure. While lowering your blood pressure if you are hypertensive is not a bad thing. Your blood pressure dropping to dangerous levels is a serious issue. A low blood pressure reading is when the top number (systolic) is under 90 and the bottom number (diastolic) is under 60. If you take CBD and you start feeling lightheaded, nauseated and your vision is blurry, your blood pressure may be dropping, and it is recommended that you discontinue use of CBD. Most people don’t need treatment for low blood pressure, but if you suspect that your blood pressure may be dropping, drink water or use salt. Your blood pressure will begin to rise.


This is one of the more annoying and inconvenient CBD side effects. CBD can disrupt normal intestinal function in a few patients. It is important to stay hydrated if you are having diarrhea. You can use over the counter medications to stop diarrhea, but you can use the old remedy of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast to help with symptoms.


Some people may feel tired and lethargic when they first start using CBD. If you choose to continue use and you are experiencing fatigue, you need to get adequate rest. Make sure that you are getting 8 hours of sleep and take naps during the day if your schedule permits.


CBD side effects are only experienced by a small percentage of users. Those who are affected often press through the discomfort, since the side effects are mild compared to those that may be experienced when taking traditional medications. The key is to be aware of what to expect if you decide to use CBD and make an informed decision.

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