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In recent years buying weed online has become a pleasant habit for thousands of Italians, grappling with the possibility of buying their own variations of legal cannabis without moving from home. A reality made possible by the work of marijuana shops like CBDTherapy, where you can safely, conveniently and confidentially buy the best varieties of Legal Cannabis Online, receiving them at your home within only 24/48 hours of ordering.

But how does a legal marijuana shop work? What are its features? And why is it able to reserve the best legal marijuana online for you in all lawfulness and safety?

How does Marijuana shop work ?

Starting with the basics, we can’t help but summarize how marijuana stores are digital outlets where you are allowed to buy legal cannabis online, staying directly in your home, and receiving it on the doorstep in an anonymous package that does not reveal its contents.

This is obviously a very tempting possibility, which so many customers have chosen to pursue, and before which they would not give up for anything in the world today!

Then again, it is hard to beat the typical advantages and benefits of legal cannabis shops: qualified, professional and convenient service, accompanied by the widest range of marijuana varieties you could ever wish for, and customer support that only on CBDTherapy you will be able to find so prompt, helpful and prepared.

Why do marijuana shops exist?

Cannabis shops exist largely because of the regulatory evolution that has taken place in our country, which has gradually made it possible for them to operate legally and safely.

In particular, a nod can certainly be ascribed to Law No. 241/2016, which – which came into force on January 1, 2017 [CBDTherapy was founded in the beginning of 2018]  – has made it possible to more clearly differentiate legal marijuana (which you can find in our shop) from illegal marijuana (which cannot be purchased in any store).

The main discriminator between the two components is mainly represented by the amount of THC present in the products sold: the percentage of THC considered safe, since it is devoid of any psychoactive effect, is the one below 0.2%, with a tolerance up to 0.6% in the case where this threshold exceedance is not attributable to a voluntary act by the grower.

It follows from the above that once this last percentage is exceeded, the marijuana sold is not legal and, as such, is subject to the penalties provided by our legislature.

What can you find inside CBDTherapy ?

Beyond the purely legal aspects, what will be of particular interest to you is that within marijuana shops like CBDTherapy,  you can find dozens of different products that will enhance your experience towards cannabis light .

For example, you will not struggle to notice that in the best marijuana shops you can find inflorescences and resins, seeds and herbal teas, teas and infusions, sweets and candies, and so on. In short, a very wide range of alternatives that shows, today, how rich is the range of products that turn out to be licitly obtainable from the hemp plant.

Then, as far as their properties are concerned, one does not need to be an expert to understand that cannabis has a very rich array of benefits for our health: think of the possibility of effectively treating conditions of anxiety and insomnia.

How to buy legal cannabis in Online Cannabis shops

Thus, we come to the central point of our today’s in-depth discussion, which is how to buy legal cannabis in marijuana shops, safely and conveniently.

Well, the fundamental starting point of this journey is certainly the need to know one’s needs and to inform oneself about all the products. And that’s exactly what we try to do on our blog, every week: reserve insights that will allow you to understand how you can best use our products and how you can reap the greatest benefits.

Having done that, and once you have gained the knowledge you need to be able to choose for yourself what to do, we also remind you that our customer support is always available to give you a more direct, concrete and specific hand. You can contact us at the contact details you will find on every page of the site: we will be happy to meet any of your needs!

So what is the Best CBD Store ?

CBDTherapy, your online store!

We at CBDTherapy have chosen to offer our customers an online shop, where they can purchase products 24 hours a day. 

Our growers produce the highest quality 100% natural Cannabis Light and CBD oils, extracted from the best Italian hemp crops.

To visit the site and discover the CBDTherapy Philosophy , click below to visit our website !

[ https://www.cbdtherapydelivery.it/ ]

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