Clean Energy Is Good for Both the World and Your Wallet

Most of us start considering our ecological footprint at a fairly young age. We’re taught to do so in order to help protect the world. And there’s no disputing the importance of that stewardship. But as children we obviously approach the issue in a childish way. It’s taught to us in rather simplistic terms. And this is done out of sheer necessity. Discussions of green technology usually sit right on the cutting edge of new scientific breakthroughs. And of course there’s one thing more than any other which children won’t understand. That’s the simple fact that adult life is a very costly endeavor. A child simply doesn’t comprehend an adult’s costs and income.

This wouldn’t be overly difficult in and of itself. But the unfortunate fact is that we seldom get a refresher course in green tech as we grow older. And this means that when we can understand how much money green tech can save us we’re totally unaware of all the various resources. And this really is a shame because the past decade has seen some amazing progress in efficient green power.

In fact, the industry is moving fast enough that one should ideally be aware of changes on a month to month rather than year to year level. Things are moving so quickly that some people believe the majority of the world’s power might come from green sources by 2030. This is in large part because every given area is able to use various specialized systems to maximize their overall energy generation.

Local government agencies are often on board with this as well. Just as it can save home owners money, it can slow government spending as well. People usually sell excess power from private generation back into the power grid. And this is a net positive for the state in general. A private home owner saving money will also save money for everyone else.

For example, Texas residents might not know that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon emissions regulations for existing power plants just might save homeowners a considerable amount of money. And of course this also acts as a vote for the planet’s overall health. We can also put some focus on Texas for an example of how specialized green energy works. Texas clean energy sources lean heavily to solar. There’s a few separate reasons for this.

The most obvious reason for solar power’s popularity in Texas is almost self evident. Texas gets rather hot during most of the year. That heat is almost entirely from the sun. Or, in other words, Texas is constantly exposed to free power from the sun at a level other states could only dream of. Home owners can simply add solar panels to their roof. What’s really remarkable about the process is the fact that the panels collect energy which wouldn’t just be wasted. The energy would actually be harmful to an extent if not harvested by solar panels. Normally the heat of the sun would bake a rooftop. That heat would then seep into the house and require air conditioning costs. In this case solar panels actually help people save money in two different ways. And likewise, this helps save the earth in two different ways as well.

Texas has such an abundance of solar that even non-homeowners could benefit. Texas clean energy     enthusiasts often use camping based solar panels in apartments. Even these smaller systems are often enough to offset the power consumption of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Every location in the world has similar resources. This might be solar, wind or other options. But they all serve to help the world. And they also have the benefit of helping people save money on their power bills.

  • Skye Marshall

    Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.

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