Creating an Earthquake Preparedness Plan with an Earthquake Kit

Earthquakes can be frightening and dangerous, but there are ways to prepare beforehand. One of the most important things you can do is create an earthquake preparedness plan and put together an earthquake kit. This should contain all the essential items you may need in the event of a major quake. Here’s what you should include in your earthquake kits as well as some tips on how to stay safe during and after an earthquake. 

Essentials for Your Earthquake Kit 

The first step towards preparing for an earthquake is putting together an emergency supply kit. Depending on where you live, this kit should contain enough supplies to last up to two weeks. If you have any pets or young children, make sure their needs are also accounted for in your kit. Here are some essential items that everyone should include in their kits: 

• Food and water, including at least one gallon of water per person per day 

• First aid supplies and medication 

• Battery-operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries 

• Whistle or other signaling device 

• Dust mask or filter masks in case of debris in the air 

• Sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for different weather conditions  

 • A copy of important documents like identification papers, insurance policies, etc.   

• cash/coins in case ATMs aren’t working 

 • Tools such as a wrench or pliers to turn off utilities if needed  

• Sanitation supplies such as toilet paper, wipes, soap, etc.   

• Cell phones with chargers    

• Blankets or sleeping bags   

• Matches/lighter/candles   

• An emergency manual with instructions on how to shut off utilities (if applicable)   Additionally, it’s a good idea to set aside any items that could be used as weapons in case of civil unrest during an emergency situation. This includes baseball bats, knives, firearms (if legal), etc. It’s also recommended that you store these items securely away from children. 

Safety Tips During & After an Earthquake  Once you’ve created your emergency supply kits and made sure everyone knows what to do during an earthquake, there are still some safety tips that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to earthquakes:     

1) Move Away from Windows & Furniture – When the shaking starts move away from any windows or furniture that could fall on top of you during a quake

 2) Stay Low – Drop down onto your hands and knees so that you don’t lose balance while trying not to fall over 

3) Find Cover – If possible find a sturdy table or desk nearby and crouch underneath it until the shaking stops 

4) Stay Put – Don’t try to run outside until after the shaking has stopped 

5) Check Yourself & Others For Injuries – Pay attention to any injuries that may have occurred during the quake 

6) Listen To The Radio – Use your battery-powered radio to stay informed about developing news regarding the quake 

7) Don’t Use Electrical Appliances Until You Are Sure It Is Safe To Do So – Be careful not to use any electrical appliances until after authorities have declared it safe 

8 ) Follow Any Instructions Given By Authorities – Pay attention to instructions given by local authorities about evacuation routes or areas where it is safe/unsafe 

9) Keep Calm & Don’t Panic – Remember that panicking does not help anyone during times like these Conclusion: In conclusion, preparing for earthquakes requires some planning ahead of time but is well worth it when disaster strikes. Make sure everyone involved knows what they need to do; create an emergency supply kit filled with essentials; remember vital safety tips; listen carefully for updates from authorities; and above all else – stay calm! With proper preparation before disaster strikes combined with these vital safety tips during and after a quake – hopefully no one will suffer too much harm due to this natural disaster.

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