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Expensive or Even Crazy Things Purchased by Lottery Winners

When someone gets tons and tons of money overnight, they are inclined to do crazy things, and it happens a lot with lottery winners. There is a whole list of expensive or crazy things that have been purchased by lottery winners over the years. When someone finds that they are in possession of crores of rupees suddenly, they get motivated to fulfill their dreams of buying expensive things. At times, people also end up buying insane things.

Here are some of the most luxurious, expensive, unorthodox or insane things that are bought by lottery winners from across the world.

Invested in Real Estate on Stars and Planets

David Copeland won the UK lottery jackpot, and after buying a nice car and going for a series of ocean cruises, he invested in an acre of property on moon and then went a step further and got some land on Mars and Venus. He seemed to believe in the motto – Why to restrict yourself on Earth when the entire galaxy is within your reach? How does it matter if you will take only a few hundreds of years before you can go there to see your land?


While many lottery winners opt for buying mansions, luxury cars, etc., William “Bud” Post went a step further. He had less than INR 210 in his checking account when he won INR 112 crores in Pennsylvania’s state lottery. He started a buying spree by adding mansion, homes, luxury vehicles, motorcycles, truck, and a boat. He was still not satisfied and thus bought a twin-engine aircraft.

Built Himself a Water Park

John Kutey won a Mega Millions jackpot amounting to INR 198.8 crores. He chose to build a water park in Green Island, New York in honor of his parents.

Shop Till You Drop

Vivian Nicholson took this saying literally and went on an endless shopping spree. She won a big fortune way back in 1961, which is equivalent to INR 27 crores today.  She chose to go on a never-ending shopping spree buying expensive dresses, luxury cars and traveling all over Europe and the US. Her good days ended soon with her empty wallet.

She Pushed Her Luck Just Too Much

A native of New Jersey won the lottery twice in two consecutive years, 1985 and 1986. She took her luck for granted or thought she was God’s special child who is bestowed with some special luck. She decided to go to Atlantic City with her special luck to make her fortune even larger with her winnings amounting to nearly INR 3737.7 lakhs. Soon she was left penniless and had to live in a trailer park.

The lottery has the potential to make you super rich instantly, but if you don’t use your winnings rationally and logically, soon the rags to riches story could turn back from riches to rags. The online platforms like Lottoland have made it possible for people to play all the major lotteries happening anywhere in the world. Seeing the potential of lottery in new geographies like India, it is launching a website in India. Before the coming of online portals, Indians could play the limited jackpot lotteries and that too only in the few states where they are legal. But now, they have access to multi-million-dollar jackpot lotteries. They are playing it online through these portals and winning.

These portals are safe to play. For example, Lottoland is regulated by the Gibraltarian Gambling Supervision and also the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It means all the data that you share on it for registration or playing is handled with utmost care. The website also has a security certificate to ensure that all your personal and financial data is protected from any sort of third-party hack attacks.


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