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Finding The Site That You Would Prefer for Sports Betting Now

When you play a grid of predictions on Netbet, it is important that you have in mind that you play “against the others”. This means that strategically, it is better that you put some surprises in your predictions.

Indeed the grids where all the favorites pass, are unfortunately very unprofitable because there will be many winners who will share the jackpot. If you want to know more about the right way to bet on the prediction grids , do not hesitate to consult the article in link. In any case the prediction grids way “loto foot” are a real success at Netbet. This is clearly to test. With the 토토 site you can find the best choices.

Win at Netbet Grids

Sudden death is a name that speaks of course to beer lovers – with moderation of course. But it’s also the name of the prediction game set up by Netbet for each of the 38 league weekends.

What is the principle? It’s quite simple, but first of all you will first have to click on the “I participate” button in the “Sudden Death” category of the Netbet website or app. This is essential for your participation in the game is taken into account.

Then you will have to make a simple bet 1N2 (no combined bet), a minimum amount of 5 euros on the match of Ligue 1 of Friday. From then on, two cases arise:

  • Your bet is right, congratulations you are qualified for the next round of Saturday
  • Your bet is loser, you are eliminated.
  • The tournament continues for Saturday matches, then Sunday games and finally Sunday night. Each time, it will be necessary to make a simple bet 1N2 of a minimum amount of 5 euros
  • As long as you do not lose a bet, you stay in play. However, as it is a “sudden death”, as soon as you lose a losing bet you are eliminated.
  • Fortunately Netbet is nice, they leave you alive.
  • If you are the last in the race, the ultimate survivor you win 500 euros. The game is really nice, it adds spice to your paris league 1 of the weekend.

To test win on Netbet

  • The Netbet Club is a loyalty program, which aims to reward the most frequent bettors. Each bet earns you “NB points” that you can accumulate.
  • Basically for every real money bet, you get 10% of your Netbet points. So if you bet 20 euros, you are the owner of 2 Netbet points.
  • Starting from 150 Netbet points, you can start converting your points into free bets. In short it is a classic loyalty program, but rather cool.

The Netbet cash-out

Currently, the cash-out is an option available at most bookmakers, and of course Netbet is not left out.

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