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Fine Passages for the Best Sports Betting

We consider the average expected probability of a successful bet passing. Percentage of passability of “Borussia” and “Hoffenheim” is summed up and divided in half.

  • (80% + 90%) / 2 = 85%

Next, we compare the obtained probability with the probability that bookmakers give . The company 1XStavka on such a scenario as 토토사이트 site betting that “both teams will score” offers a multiplier of 1.4.

Betting strategy both will score

The probability of a bookmaker is calculated by the formula:

  • WB = 100 / 1.4 = 71.4% 

Since our probability is greater (85%> 71.4%), then you can bet. Consider another strategy that involves mathematical calculation. It should take into account the last 5 matches of the championship, but it should be considered not percentages, but points. The system is as follows:

Determine if there is a favorite in the confrontation . If this is a clear leader, and he plays at home, subtract 2 points, if he has to leave minus 1 point. In the case where the advantage of the favorite is not obvious, we accrue him 1 point (for home) and 2 points for the guest meeting.

For the hosts of the upcoming meeting:

  • -2 points for 0: 0.
  • +1 point for games in which both clubs exchanged goals. And in addition we add 1 point for each meeting in our own walls with this outcome.
  • +0.5 points per match if the club scored 2 or more goals. Another +0.5 for meetings in which the team missed two. 

For guests, the calculation rules are the same, only an additional point is added not for a home meeting with the outcome “both will score”, but for the guest. Note that the total score should be higher than 18.5.

To demonstrate the peculiarities of the betting strategy, we will take the same Bundesliga, but already the match of RB Leipzig Eintracht. The battle of two neighbors in the standings, so the RBL will be an implicit favorite.

Let’s look at the statistics of the last 5 fights:

Bid both score no what does it mean

We count points.

  • For RBL: 1 + 1 + 1 + 0.5 * 4 = 5
  • For Eintracht: 1 * 4 + 1 * 2 + 0.5 * 6 = 9 

We calculate the amount: 5 + 9 = 14. However, since 14 <18.5, this meeting is not suitable. As for bankroll management, both flat and catch bets are allowed. With the first option, the bank will be more intact.

Try out the strategy here

Hockey is much more productive than football, so matches with a dry score of one of the teams are found here in 5-10% of cases, and bookmaker quotes rarely exceed 1.30. Valid factors may be values ​​like 1.15. Therefore, betting combinations are popular in hockey, where bettors are looking for a chance to increase their winnings. 



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