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How Betting And Gambling Create Jobs

What role do bets and gambling play in terms of jobs. How safe are the jobs in the betting and gambling industry?

So Far, The Share Of Jobs Can Only Be Estimated

As the figures and assessments are estimates, there is an approximation of jobs. Jobs are not only found in casinos. Vending machines and support can also be found in larger establishments with a large number of slot machines and in larger lottery acceptance points. So far, the estimate of employees in the gambling industry is 198,000 employees. A distinction is made between direct employment and indirect employment. Furthermore, you can find distinction between gambling jobs in markets that are regulated and the non regulated market. For better understanding: The employment share of employees in the gambling sector roughly corresponds to the share of employees in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Distribution Of Employees In Betting And Gambling

Here is the exact look at the numbers. As far as the employees of sports betting, horse betting and lotteries are concerned, the number is around 88,000 employees. The cash game machines can find 70,000 in direct employment and 35,000 in indirect employment. As far as the casinos are concerned, around 5,000 employees can be seen or found here.

What Do Employees Earn On Average In The Gambling And Betting Industry?

The average salary is around 2,700 dollars. This puts the gambling industry below-average earnings in the services or manufacturing industries. Here is the average wage at about 3,700 dollars. When it comes to wages and betting improvements, these average 2 percent yearly, while average wage increases averaged 3 percent yearly. Especially casinos usually offer their guests free bets or at least a bar with a café area. Here workers earn what is scheduled in the gastronomic segment.

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