How Child Sexual Abuse Ruins A Human Being; Walter Babst

Sexual abuse at any point of life can turn a person’s life upside down. Sexual abuse hits a person to its soul. A person can change totally if he/she is abused sexually. And when a child is sexually abused at an age where he/she doesn’t even know the gruesomeness of it, it hits them hurt.

There are many cases of child sexual abuse. A survey says everyday couple of children are being abused at any part of the world. The children have no control over it, they cannot even restrict it. There are some filthy human beings who abuse children, they are called pedophiles. Pedophiles are very frustrated backbone less human beings who force them to the children. They target little children because they cannot complain that to anyone.

It’s easy for them to manipulate the children and scare them for telling no one. A child on the other hand does not understand what’s happening with them but at least they can sense whatever is happening, it’s wrong. But they do not have that guts to open up unless some elders are making them comfortable into confessing.

What to notice when a child is being sexually abused:

  • When a child is sexually abused it makes them vulnerable and breaks their self esteem.
  • They start feeling low and doesn’t show any interest into any activities.
  • They start to score low in the exams.
  • They seem afraid; especially when the abuser is around they start to panic.
  • They cry when they’re alone. Doesn’t let people come near them.
  • They’re always terrified.

If you find these kinds of symptoms in the child near you then you should go and talk to them, ask them if something is wrong. One needs to support them mentally and try to solve this problem.

Effect of Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse hits the child mentally. They lose their confidence and it’s really hard for them to get it back if someone doesn’t support them. If a child is sexually abused repetitively they start thinking this is the way of the world, it makes them vulnerable. They start to feel that it is somehow their fault. When this idea hits them they feel a certain type of aggression which leads them into the wrong way. It doesn’t only happen with women, but men as well. These mess up their psychology and they start thinking that they have to take revenge from the society. Later in their lives they get involved into drugs, alcohol, criminal activities, prostitution etc.

Even it has been proved that most of the serial killers themselves have been sexually abused in their childhood. It affects them so badly that lose the power of thinking logically. Their mentality and behaviour towards the society change and they start thinking everyone around them are their enemies. Serial killers have their own pattern. Each of them is different from each other. While investigating it has been proved that the serial killers have developed these patterns from their childhood abuse.

So it is proved how sexual abuse in childhood can affect a person’s psychology and can turn them into a criminal. Walter Babst was also a victim of it.

  • Skye Marshall

    Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.

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