How To Differentiate Curtains From Drapes?

When it comes to choosing the window treatment, you might get confused with so many options like blinds, sheers, drapes, shutters, curtains, valances, shades—and the list goes on. So, how to select the perfect one for your home? Well, each type offers different features and functionalities but in today’s topic, we’ll discuss curtains and drapes. Do you know the difference between them? You might have observed that both of these terms are often used interchangeably but they are not exactly the same. To help you know a better understanding between curtains and drapes, we’ve gathered some differences and similarities between them.  So, let’s move on to the ride we’re trying to take you on.

Differences Between Curtains And Drapes

  1. Made of lighter fabrics, curtains are usually installed over shades or blinds and sold in pairs or by a panel. They completely turn your room into a dark place. Drapes, on the other hand, are lined to offer more control over light because they are made of thicker fabrics.
  2. The style of drapes is traditional and formal. Made of thicker fabrics, they are heavyweight and offer good light control. Curtains, on the other hand, are modern and casual window treatments that are made of lighter fabrics.
  3. The length of drapes is usually longer than curtains.
  4. Drapes may require regular dry cleaning because of being made with special fabric whereas curtains can be washed easily in the machine at home.
  5. The structure of drapes depends upon the backing on them whereas curtains do not have a rigid structure and they move in the breeze.
  6. Curtains are usually seen in dormitory rooms and offices while drapes are seen in formal places such as high-end hotels and restaurants and dining rooms.
  7. You can open and close drapes via a drawstring that is placed on one side of a window. Curtains, on the other hand, are operated by gently pulling the fabric.
  8. Drapes are usually made of silks, velvets, jacquards, or damask while common materials for curtains are cotton, linen, organza, nets, poly-cotton, and silks.
  9. Curtains are usually found in doorways, halls, bay windows, partitions, family living rooms, and balconies whereas drapes can be seen in bedrooms, home theatres, dining rooms, and huge halls.

 Similarities Between Curtains And Drapes

  1. Both window treatments come in various widths and lengths.
  2. Both of them are versatile and available in so many patterns, styles, and appealing colors.
  3. With both types of window treatments, you have a choice of top construction such as back tabs, pinch pleats, tie tops, and others.
  4. To allow sunlight inside, you can tie both drapes and curtains with decorative ties.

Final Words

The key difference between drapes and curtains lies in their functions and the materials from which they are made of. Want a formal atmosphere? Drapes are the way to go. Looking for a relaxed atmosphere? Choose curtains. Simple as that! It totally depends upon your choices. Remember, with both of these options, your choices are infinite.

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