How to Organize a Barbecue Party The Right Way

Barbecue parties are the perfect excuse for you to spend time with your friends and family. Loads of laughter, reminiscing memories, a little bit of gossip, and lots of amazing food can surely make for a wonderful time.

Having said this, throwing a successful barbecue party isn’t that easy. It requires immaculate planning and precise organization and, of course, great cooking chops.

But if you get the organization bit right, barbecue hosting can become easier. Well, as easy as it can be. Here are a few tips to help you organize a barbecue party the right way.

Create a budget and cost expenditure list 

Creating a budget will definitely take time and a little bit of work, but it is important. Start with breaking down the ingredients you would need to make the food. Take into account the ingredients that need to be purchased for the barbecue party.

Don’t forget to survey the market to make sure you get ingredients at the lowest possible price before you start preparing the budget. After you have done your grocery store survey, go home and start working on your cost expenditure list. This will help you get an idea of the total cost you’ll incur and if needed, you can make adjustments accordingly.

Figure out a good location and time

You can host barbecue parties in your backyard or open spaces like a campground or a park. Usually, having the barbecues during the weekends is better for everyone and it also makes you look mindful. As for the time, you can have a four-hour window so that people don’t have to stress over it too much.

Get the food prepared before the arrival of your guests

Your food should be ready to go on the grill immediately after your guests start arriving. Don’t forget to make provisions for side dishes as well.

If you cannot prepare all your food, make a point to do as much as you can, especially the chopping and assembling portion. Not only will the barbecue become more enjoyable for you, but you can also be stress-free, with your guests actually having the time to catch up with you.

Prepare a list of the food and beverages you plan on serving

Barbecue parties are usually synonymous with hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken skewers, and grilled vegetables. So, it would be better to stick to classics.

The food that you offer your guests can really make or break your party. Trust us when we tell you that nothing would put your guests off more than having limited options that are restricted to an overcooked burger or a soggy hot dog.

As for beverages, you can serve cola, soda, wine, or beer. For appetizers, you can serve a veggie platter as well as some potato chips and corn. Brownies, ice cream, or cookies can make for some delicious desserts.

A good rule of thumb would be to have at least two items under each menu head. You can also print out a menu and give them to your guests to make things even more efficient and organized.

Add a bit of decor to make it feel like a party

This is one step that we tend to forget or simply avoid because we are busy slaving in the kitchen. It’s always better to have some decor installed at the party such as tiki torches or 

decorative lights for that special touch. It will help to add a bit of warmth to the place making for pretty pictures as well. If you don’t have time to decorate your place, you can always ask some of your friends to come and help you. If you don’t mind the budget, you can hire professionals as well.

Don’t forget to ensure an adequate supply of charcoal or propane

Whether you have a pellet smoker or any other griller, it’s absolutely important to make sure you have enough charcoal or propane. It won’t make for a pretty picture when the host of the party is absent making runs to the gas station for more propane. Also, if you leave your half-cooked burgers on the grill, they will taste lifeless and rubbery. Sounds rather scary, right?

Make sure that your guests are comfortable

It’s important for your guests to be comfortable for them to actually enjoy a barbecue party. The seating arrangement has to be the first thing on your checklist. If you plan on having a party in your backyard, change your Wi-Fi password to something really simple that you can easily tell the guests.

Make a point to personally ask every guest whether or not they had something to eat. You can set up a buffet area so that your guests can serve themselves.

Don’t forget appropriate entertainment for the kids

If you have parents on your guest list, it’s quite natural that their kids might tag along as well. The thing with kids is that they tend to get restless easily and quickly. 

The best way to keep them occupied would be to arrange for outdoor games like Twister and horseshoes. You can also have board games (lots of them) for kids who prefer to do that instead. In fact, even adults can indulge in these games for a fun time.

Remember, safety comes first

Sausages, burger patties, chicken, and ribs have one thing in common—they contain a lot of fat. This excess fat increases the risks of flare-ups on the grill. For emergencies, make sure you have a spray bottle ready for dousing small flare-ups. Also, keeping a fire extinguisher nearby would be a wise decision as well.

No barbecue party can be foolproof. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Keeping this in mind, it would be advisable for you to always put safety first.

There you go! These were a few tips that can help you host the perfect barbecue party filled with fun times and great food. And while you should follow the above, don’t forget to have fun! After all, that is the entire point of hosting the party in the first place.

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