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Inverter charger: for uninterrupted supply of electricity

During a power outage inverters are proved to be the most useful device which converts DC current into AC current and are used as a backup power supply with the help of the batteries. The AC current of the inverter is capable of powering electrical equipment such as TV, radio, refrigerator among many other household devices. Depending upon their output inverters are classified into three types, namely, square wave, pure sine wave, and modified sine wave. Inverters are used to run household electrical equipment as well as in commercial sectors for powering large sized machines.

Prime low frequency pure sine wave inverter charger 4000W

Inverters of varying size ratings ranging from 50 watts up to 50000 watts are available in the market, for example, a 2000 w power inverter which can supply continuous power up to 2000w and are used for running several household electrical equipment. An inverter larger than 11000 watts are generally not used to power household equipment.

An inverter supplies an uninterrupted supply of electricity when the regular power source is unavailable and an inverter charger does exactly that but unlike an inverter, it charges the batteries by converting the incoming AC power into DC power from the available AC power source. During the unavailability of the regular power source, this inverter charger automatically switches itself over to the battery mode and provide power to the electrical equipment connected to it. Inverter chargers are available in various sizes and power ranges to suitable for varying applications.

A three-phase inverter converts DC input into a three-phase AC output and is mainly utilized for variable frequency drive applications and for running various applications which demand high power. The most important advantage of a three-phase inverter is that the power delivered by this kind of inverter is constant in nature and they are also more efficient when compared to a single phase inverter.

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