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Planned kitchens: how to create a custom project?

It is important that the planned kitchen is functional and comfortable so that residents can enjoy the best of the room. A planned kitchen is the dream of many people. As in any project, it is important that the architect is able to deliver a beautiful and functional result, combining the client’s style with the space available in the house. However, designing a modular planned kitchen is not an easy task. Thanks to the best Kitchen Design Software, architects, interior designer, and any individual can now design a planned kitchen without compromising in aesthetic, comfort, functionality, budget and style.

Why build custom kitchens?

The environment is personalized, tailored to the needs of the residents of a house and designed to adapt perfectly to the available space. It seeks much more than beauty – ergonomics and people’s comfort come first. A planned kitchen presupposes an organized environment where all spaces are used in the best possible way, to ensure practicality and comfort. It is important to remember that a planned kitchen increases the property’s value and attracts the attention of buyers, facilitating the sale.

What is important to consider?

It is essential to know the measurements of the environment and appliances, besides thinking about the direction in which the doors and drawers open. It ensures that you can fit all the furniture and still have room for movement. We know that planning every move is difficult. But, we have a solution that reduces our hard effort and brings peace in mind. With Foyr Neo we can design each corner and space in the planned kitchen, view the result in picture perfect 3D rendering, and decide how much to invest in actual project. When planning a kitchen, we cannot forget to facilitate circulation, creating a direct flow between equipment. A professional interior designer will indicate the best options within your financial possibilities and according to your needs.

Keep the customer’s order in mind

For any project, it is essential to consider what the client has thought already. Following the trend proposed by him, do research and find solutions that can be applied. It’s necessary to exchange ideas about references until you find out what’s best for the kitchen project in question.

Check who cooks more in the house

This information is important because it helps you set a comfortable height for countertops, cabinets, and the sink. Planning a kitchen that is accessible to everyone, but that favors the height of the person who uses the environment the most, is a way to make the place comfortable.

Choosing furniture

The furniture will be made according to the customer’s wishes and the choice must be made carefully, both in terms of aesthetics and its functionality. Before making this decision, do a lot of research on the style of kitchen you want and the appropriate furniture.

Don’t forget the details

Kitchen design is not just made of furniture, walls and floors. Details, such as faucets, handles and the finish, help to enhance the final product. Therefore, be sure to show your customers the possibilities that exist in this field and show the difference that these details make.

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