Rise Of The Age Of Technologies

21sf century is an era of neo emergence of slavery and toil; for thousands of years human beings have fought among each other in their class struggles to made them free of various suppression and exploitation and ironically with the emergence of technologies, artificial intelligence, we are far from achieving freedom and closer than ever to be the avid consumer of modern day slavery.

We clock in into our services early in the day and clock out when there is no more time left for anything but to worry for the next day. Cities like Japan, New York, Japan, Delhi, London have been seeing the rise of workingpeople putting 80-90 hours a week, will you still say now that technologies are providing us a better life?

The sanctity of knowledge lost in progress:

Knowledge once deemed sacred and obtained for privileged ones is no longer kept under barriers now. Yet, the desire to drench into them has been lessened progressively among newer generation. Philosophy and petty posts on Facebook walls are often mistaken as one in the form of the other.Personal or professional whatever it may, everything has become a digitalhotchpot in the ocean of lust greed ambition and every other feeling, desire and cravings one can muster. It is an undeniable fact that the longer it drags, the lesser a human being becomes, in the eyes of society, in value, in esteem.

There is no secrecy anymore and freebackground check has almost become a farce in this perplexed conundrum. People are feeding away their own informations willingly to social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. All it takes to defame a personal is to dig out an old Facebook or twitter post and question that person’s morality, character or judgment. Every single incidents of stupidity, recorded into that eternal notepad will be used as means of exploitation.

Blurring shades of technology:

Technologies have been changing forms rapidly since the last 3 centuries. Ever since the electricity and the hidden treasure of coal and other minerals have come to the spotlight, the shape of technological industries isshifting through transformations. In some instances, its people’s lives that are changing along with it and in other cases technologies are changing according to the need and demand of the consumers. People are connected all the time and their identities are becoming a form in digital realm.

This self acknowledgementhas become very important to people nowadays rather the honest assessments.The reluctance to change and reconsider is damaging the quality of life and sanctity. It does not take much to acknowledge the fact that it is impossible for anyone to take every right decision but what matters is that desire to weigh the pros and cons before stepping into an unknown area with some shady character. In a nutshell, knowledge has always been sacred as it will always be, and the proper and akin consumer of it will never be ditched from its privilege if he/she goes with the proper essence of it and keep his/her impulses in check.

  • Skye Marshall

    Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.

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