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Slab Leak Repair Options

The slab is the layer of concrete under the home. If there is a leak this can be a big problem and can put the entire home in jeopardy. If there is a water leak in the slab it needs to be handled immediately. There are slab leak repair options that will be able to fix this problem.

Causes of Leaks

Most buildings have a slab that is surrounded by soil. Water and other pipes are running under the lab and they can leak. This can be due to corrosion or natural disasters such as earthquakes. The soil can also move over time and lead to leaks.

Signs of a Leak

These leaks can be hard to find as they are under the home. Some areas of the floor may be abnormally warm. There can also be cracks in the floor and on the walls. Mold development can be another sign of a problem. If the water bill is much higher than usual this can be a sign that something is wrong. A professional will need to determine if there is a leak. There are different options for repairing the slab.

Spot Repair

If there is a leak in a specific area and it may be easy to access then this is a simple fix for a plumber. Since the cost of repairing the floor can be steep many people select other options. If the pipes are older and are in poor condition than this is only a temporary fix and there may be other issues in the future. An insurance company may not cover this issue. They may require that the home have their pipes redone.

Re-Piping and Re-Routing

This is the most common solution to slab leaks. The old plumbing is left in place but is no longer used. New pipes are designed to go on the outside of the concrete slab. They can also be running through the attic. While this is a lot of work for the plumber, it will cost less than having to remove all of the concrete, fix the pipes, and then replace the concrete and the flooring. These new lines will be easier to get inspected and to repair minor leaks in the future. Many people are optioning for PEX pipes since they are less expensive than copper piping.

Pipe Lining

This another option for leaking pipes. The inside of the pipes is lined with an epoxy coating. This coating is not toxic and is often less expensive than fixing a large selection of copper pipes that may have numerous small pinhole leaks. The cured in place pipes will push a liner through the piping system. The cured aspect will turn into a solid coating. This can be used with the entire system or it can be used in a specific area of the pipes.

Direct Repair

This is an option and there are some people that select to have this done. This is when the concrete slab needs to be removed with a jackhammer and then the leak is repaired. The pipe is then fixed and the concrete slab, as well as the flooring above it, is fixed. This can be a large project but is an option for a person to select from.

These are the most common options when it comes to fixing leaks that are affecting the slab at the bae on the home. These leaks cannot be ignored and it is important to have them repaired by a professional as soon as possible. 

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