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Smart Bets for You now: Sports Options

Playing Bet is very easy. You choose your game, determine your bet and press the start button. Then there are minor differences depending on the variant you are playing. In this example we assume Bet Extreme.

  • After you press start, the first balls with numbers appear. If the number is also on your Bet / bingo card, it is immediately marked with a star. If a joker appears, you can choose which number in the row you want to cross. If the red devil appears, you will not receive a number for that row in that round. As a last option you can get a free spin, which will be added to your standard 11 spins.
  • You get an extra bonus when 3 or more jokers appear. Depending on your bet, you win an extra amount.

This way you keep spinning and crossing until you have had all spins and free spins. If you are out of spins, you have the choice to buy an extra spin with 5 balls for a certain amount. The amount of the prize depends on your chance of winning. If you miss just one number to score one or two more domino qq Bets, in some cases it might be worth the risk. This extra chance and control over the game but Bet even more exciting than normal Bingo.

Many nice Bet variants

  • The Bet concept has been shaped in many different ways. This way everyone has a favorite. A few variants as an example:

Monopoly Bet

  • Roll the dice and move your pawn. You can choose from four different, each with its own volatility level . Landing on streets will win cards that are in a 5 × 5 grid. Furthermore, with the well-known Monopoly features such as Free Parking and the prison.

Bet Cascade

  • Always nice to get an extra chance. Just as cascade (falling symbols) are fun with slots, so is Bet. This way you can make endless rows. You only win the Jackpot at 20 rows.

Bet Advance

All in the style of Tron with an 80’s retro sci-fi feel. This Bet works slightly differently. You have to clear each win row one by one.

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