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Various Services provided by Spectrum Detox Westborough

Medications are used to help clients cope with withdrawal symptoms and make the detox process as painless as possible. Because addiction is a chronic disease, most people benefit from ongoing therapy in order to learn how to live drug-free and sober.

Spectrum Detox Westborough MA provides clinical stabilization services to men and women, as well as males-only in Weymouth. These short-term residential programs are designed to bridge the gap between detox and aftercare by involving clients in the treatment process and assisting them in planning their next steps in recovery. A full assessment, treatment planning, individual and group counseling, health education, continuing care planning, and follow-up are all part of the programming.

Spectrum has various residential programs for men, women, and young adults, each with its own set of needs. Clients in each program follow a weekly routine that includes individual, group, and family counseling, as well as recovery groups, relapse prevention training, and recreational activities. Following their departure from the program, all clients construct a detailed continuing care plan to assist them to maintain their recovery. The length of stay in our residential programs varies depending on the needs of the individual.

– Adults and adolescents with substance misuse and mental health concerns at various stages of recovery are served by Spectrum’s outpatient counseling program. A detailed intake evaluation is done upon admission, and the results are used to design a tailored treatment plan for each client. Services are offered to address specific requirements and teach clients the skills they need to recover based on this plan. We also work closely with family members, educating them about addiction and assisting them in their participation in the recovery process as needed.

– Family and friends of people in recovery can attend a family education forum hosted by Spectrum. The family education forum instructs family and friends on medication-assisted treatment, overdose signs and symptoms, overdose response, and where to get naloxone. The family education forum also provides support for families and answers concerns about addiction, treatment, and community resources. A schedule of family education forums can be found here.

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