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What all to know for choosing an air heat pump?

An air heat pump is an efficient way to heat your home, saving you money and energy. These machines heat air to excess temperatures, but not so much that the home becomes too hot or too cold. Instead, the heat from the air dries the air out, generating warm, moist air that flows through your indoor heating system. It’s a simple, effective way to heat your home without overdoing it. But how can you tell if your air heat pump is working properly?

The efficiency of your system, how effective it is at heating your home, and how efficiently it uses energy all play a role in how well it works. To get the most out of your system, you should check these factors to ensure that it is working at its best.

Is your air heat pump working properly?

Your Air heat pump (Luftvärmepump) is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your HVAC system. If it works properly, then it will heat your home to the correct temperature and off-gas cleanly, saving you both energy and money. If your air heat pump is not working as it should, it may be due to several factors.

These include clogged vents, a misaligned or broken heat exchanger, a stuck or broken fan, a burned out heat source, and more. Always test your system before putting a significant load on it to ensure it is working properly. If you are unsure how to test your system, hire a contractor to do the work for you.

Does your air heat pump use as much energy as it costs?

If your system uses as much energy as it loses, then it is drawing too much power. The efficiency of your system, the amount of air it heats, and the power it uses all play a role in how efficiently it works. The efficiency of your system is impacted by a number of things, including the size of the home you are heating, the outdoors temperature, and the amount of indoor equipment you have.

A poorly performing air heat pump may not be as efficient as it could be, using too much energy than it should. To get the most out of your system, it is important to check the total energy usage and efficiency of your system.

Is your air heat pump getting hot spots?

If your system is producing too much heat, then the only way to reduce it is to increase the airflow. This may cause increased BTUs (British Thermal Units) output from your system, but it will reduce the amount of air moving through it. If you notice that your air flow is reduced at a particular point in your house, it may be a hot spot.

In this case, the air is too warm at that location, and you would want to increase the flow there to un-heat the air. To detect hot spots, place a plastic bag in the room to absorb the excess heat. If you notice the bag getting warm, then the area is too hot. If you notice the air heat pump having to work harder with your system, it may be due to a hot spot in your home.

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