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What are bonus rounds in slots?

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The bonus round is offered in many games as it is the additional feature that requires unlock. The bonus round gives you an extra opportunity to increase your winnings and make your game more exciting. The pg slots offer free credit and a bonus to play the slots for free. Bonus rounds are available in several forms, such as mini-games, free spins, and gambling/risk options. To unlock the bonus round, you have to win a combination of winning symbols that appears randomly on the reel. Every game has a specific rule to unlock a bonus round, and you must need to achieve the game specific goals.

Activate bonus rounds in a slot machine: 

When you play a free slot game in an online casino, you have a high possibility to activate the bonus rounds from the no download mode. You have to land at least three scatters anywhere on the reel to unlock the bonus round. The separate icon ‘bonus symbol’ is present for the activation of the bonus round. You can try the free slot games with bonus rounds that require no download and registration to learn about the bonus round features. It will help you understand the game before placing your money for a real money slot. 

Bonus games: 

In any game, the extra rounds are the spare game in a slot machine that does not need any extra bet. It is a sort of free bet to earn. There are several features of the game, and some of them are listed below, 

Gamble features: 

In this feature, you have to guess the symbol from a set of two. If your guess is right, the machine awards you with the double prize, and an incorrect guess makes you lose. To activate the gamble feature, you have to win a game each time. 

Free spins: 

In these features, the slot spins the reel many times with no extra money. The last bet triggers the activation of free spins, and all the free spins are without any charge. 


In this feature, the machine spins the reel one more time. This feature is basically to land the winning combination that allows the player to stick the symbols at their position. 

Pick me:

In this round, you have to pick various symbols from the set. Every symbol offers a specific prize, and different games give different rewards. In this way, you earn cash, and some slots award you multipliers and free spins. 

Instant win: 

When you get a cash prize after landing a special symbol, you get an instant win. 

Extra wilds: 

When you start a feature round, the game awards you a wild symbol, and in some games, these wild sticks in their specific position for a long duration of the period. 

Pathway game: 

In the pathway game, you advance with each stage, and each advance stage increases your prize. 


With each spin, the cascade symbol moves to left or right. It reduces the number of the same symbols that are required to land a winning combination. 

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