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What are the gameplay and features of online video slots?

How to play video slots online?

A slot machine game is the game of chances that allows you to win a payout if you choose a correct combination of symbols. Slot games were popular in physical casinos around the world in the past. Once the internet made it possible for players to sit at their home and play their favorite games, more people started playing online slots. Many websites like สล็อต xo started to provide specialized slot machine gambling experiences to the players around the world. Playing video slots is easy. There will be a digitized slot machine with five reels displayed on your screen. The game can have any themes like a movie storyline, comic characters, etc. The gameplay is listed below,

  • The player should select the variation of the game and the active pay line
  • He should select the combination from available symbols on the reels
  • He should pay the bet amount through coins of various denominations
  • There will be a spin button for the player to press
  • Once he presses the spin button, the reels will start to spin
  • At the end of the spin, the pay lines will fall over different combinations of symbols
  • If the result is similar to those selected by the player, he can get the payout

Features of online video slots

The number of reels – Traditional classic reels will have only three reels. But the video slot machine games will have five reels to play with various symbols on them.

The number of Pay lines – There will be a minimum of nine pay lines in every video slot game. The player can choose between a fixed pay line game and a selectable pay line game. In the case of a selectable pay line, the player is allowed to select the pay line that will be active in the game. Each one will have a different wagering requirement and a payout amount. 

Multiplier – Multiplier video slots will have the payouts multiplied whenever you add an extra coin. If the game offers five coins when you win by betting one coin, then you can get 10 coins by betting two coins. Likewise, the payout will multiply each time you increase your bet amount. 

Bonus Multiplier – As the name suggests, these are similar to multiplier video slots. But you will get a bonus game when you wager a maximum amount. Players can earn a lot from this type of slot machine game. 

Straight slots – These slot machine games will provide a fixed payout that will be there on the paytable. The winning amount will not vary as in the case of a progressive slot. 

Progressive slots – In these slots, the winning amount will keep on increasing every time a player joins in another slot game with the same casino. All the machines will be connected and some parts of every player’s bet will go to the jackpot. Most of the online casinos will have progressive slots options to attract more players. 


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