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What is a Designer Vagina?

In today’s world, beauty is no longer about just the face a designer vagina has become part of many women’s dreams. These vaginas are made by changing the appearance of the female genitalia either the interior or exterior or both. The changes can either be through surgical or non-surgical procedures.
Reasons for having FGCS

Though mainly viewed as a cosmetic procedure, the procedure is also sought after for medical reasons. The procedure is said to help increase sensation during intercourse, treat the rectum and bladder after a prolapse, and reduce urinary incontinence. Some women looking for a designer vagina are looking to reverse the effects of pregnancy and childbirth and aging to the vagina where it is left slack. Young girls and teenagers have been found to seek the procedure, the reason being that they do not like the appearance of their genitals.
What the procedure is all about

The treatment involves several procedures to alter the appearance of the vagina, these procedures include,

  1. 1. Vaginoplasty
    This procedure is performed to tighten the vagina after it gets loose due to age and childbirth. During the procedure, a portion of skin is extracted from the back of the vagina, and the remaining skin is stitched back together, anaesthesia is used during the procedure. The procedure is also referred to as vaginal facelift or vaginal reconstruction.
  2. Labiaplasty
    This procedure is performed on the labia. It is the reduction of the labia minora. It is said to be the most common procedure among all procedures involved in female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS). Labiaplasty can be performed alone or in conjunction with vaginoplasty.
  3. Hoodectomy
    This procedure involves the removal of excess skin on the clitoris. It is said that the excess skin can result in a reduction in sensitivity.
  4. Perineoplasty
    This procedure is performed to support or rebuild the perineum. It can also enhance the labia resulting in tightening of the vagina, which in turn improves bowel movement and even sexual stimulation.
  5. Hymenoplasty
    This procedure is used to reconstruct the torn hymen. This is particularly useful to women due to religious, social, and cultural issues.

ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment
ThermiVa treatment is a non-surgical procedure; for this kind, no anaesthetic is needed, lasers are used to heat vaginal tissues which then rejuvenate collagen and thus toning the vaginal muscles.

Teenagers increasingly seek FGCS
Teenagers need to be warned that there comes that time that they will experience changes in their genitalia, it might be confusing, and some may think that their genitals are no longer attractive and may try to seek vaginal surgery. It is important that they understand it is part of their growth and keep in mind social media does not dictate what is beautiful and what isn’t. It is important that they first fully develop before the procedure can be done on them; otherwise, they risk permanent destruction of their genitals.

If you are interested in vaginal surgery, it is crucial that you fully understand what is going to happen, understand the procedure correctly the effects the procedure is likely to have on you before you can go in for the surgery, visit Europe Surgery for more information.

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