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What is Needed for a Good Product Design?

Creating a new product allows you freedom and boundless potential.  Ultimately, even good ideas will fail if the product has a poor design.  Successful products share many key attributes that can be broken down into some simple design features that are a must for products.  Below, let’s take a look at some elements a new product design must feature.

Your design should solve a known problem.

One key feature of a successful product design is the ability to sell the product’s usefulness.  To be considered useful, a product must actively solve a known problem.  This problem must be an issue that currently exists, and not a manufactured problem.  It will be much easier trying to sell a product when people can actively identify with the problem the product is meant to alleviate.

Your design has to stay simple.

Successful product design and development at its roots is simple.  Someone who is using a product for the first time needs to intuitively figure out how to use it.  Any product that has complicated directions or needs to be repeatedly used until someone gets the feel, or knack, for using it is not created well.  If a product is confusing to use, an owner can become frustrated and hesitant to switch to a new product.

Your design should be durable.

Any new product that you are creating should be built to last.  When people purchase a new product, they want to know they are purchasing quality.  Having a good product that is made of strong materials, in a solid design can help create a durable product.  By building a long-lasting product you are creating value to the customer.  Good product design and development should take into account the overall lifespan of the product.

Your design must pay attention to details.

If it is worth designing and creating, it is worth designing right.  Pay attention to even the smallest details to make a big impact on customers.  Not only should the form and function of the product have purpose, but the fit, finish, and auxiliary parts should also have a detailed construction.  People pay attention to small details if they are wiling to pay money for a product so give people the best value for their money.

Your design must be appealing.

Although we have addressed how important it is to have a practical and useful product, it must be said that a product still has to look good.  A good product will not only be useful, but will be pleasing to look at.  Ergonomics are equally important, guaranteeing the product is comfortable to use.  A professional helping with overall product design and development can help fine tune product aesthetics to meet the function of the product.

Designing a new product is a way to be innovative and creative.  To ensure that you have a good product design, it is imperative to consider both form and function.  A professional designer can help with all phases of the design process ranging from inception, to prototyping, to finalizing the end product.

Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.