Witness the Fun in The Electronic World of den den town Osaka

If Tokyo’s Akihabara has been a fascinating experience, then you will surely like the Den-Den town in the Nipponbashi of Japan. It is the hub of anime shopping. Besides, you will get to see the countless electronics showrooms, with an abundance of laptops, cameras, and other gadgets. The name derives from a term that refers to the place to be the Electric Town. In reality, also, the place is a better alternative to Akihabara. There are two main streets going by the name of Nipponbashisuji Shopping Mall and the Ota road. These are the two main areas where most of the electronic goods shops are concentrated. It will be easy for you to navigate and find all the essentials. 

Watching the cosplay parade

You have to make the timing of the vacation in such a way that you get the opportunity to witness the Nipponbashi Street Festa. It will be one of the unforgettable experiences if your life. The den den town Osaka is famous for this annual event, which happens typically on the spring equinox. The cosplayers will be showing up in the dresses resembling the favorite manga or anime characters. Some of them are casual hobbyists, whereas some are serious about the craft of the cosplay. Live music, along with exuberating street performances, makes the environment electric. 

Add the swag

Gachapon is one of the most interesting vending machines that you will find in the town. These machines are present in front of almost all the shops in the city. There will be dispensing capsules that contain kooky, creative toys as well as the tchotchkes. You can find the rare kabuki mask keychains and the Sailormoon accessories. It is not even challenging to get the tiny figures of human beings that you can pair up with your coffee mugs as exciting props.

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