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basic care of shoes

Every day, in the process of wearing, shoes are exposed to the harmful effects of the environment: water, dirt, temperature changes, and dust. And the shoes, worn in north countries, have to withstand frost. If you do not provide the necessary care, even shoes of the highest quality will quickly become unusable. Shoes should be cleaned at least 2 times a week.

Dirty shoes should first be cleaned of dirt with a brush, wiped with a damp, and then dry, soft, flannel cloth. If the shoes are very dirty, they can be washed with cool water. Try to avoid getting moisture inside. Never wash with hot water!

Nubuck shoes are cleaned only when they are dry! To remove dirt and dust, you need to use special brushes. With the right selection of brushes, shoes after cleaning will become not only clean, but also rugged. Soiling from the sole and heel can be removed with a damp flannel cloth.

Shoes should be dried at room temperature. Never dry near the radiator and use other heaters!

Apply a special care product to the surface of dry shoes with a brush or sponge. Spread the product evenly over the entire surface. Wait until the product will soak and dry. Depending on which cream you use, it will take from 5 to 30 minutes.

Of course, the means by which you can clean shoes from smooth leather are not suitable for nubuck. Most manufacturers of shoe care products offer special products for nubuck shoes. It can be impregnations, aerosols, creams. You can use only those on which it is written that they are suitable for nubuck.

To improve the appearance of shoes in Manhattan, it should be treated with special means that add shine and colour brightness. For polishing the shoes creams, waxes, sprays, sponges with cream are mostly used. All these products can be applied with the help of brushes (preferably made of natural pile) or a special polishing cloth.

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