Mesothelioma and Asbestos


Asbestos used to be a well known product used in many different types of construction of homes and commercial buildings. Asbestos was considered safe and not an issue; however, recently, asbestos has been found to cause many lung problems from simple infections to a few different types of lung cancer.

Housing materials such as insulation is the main place that asbestos can be found. There are lawsuits available to help anyone who thinks that they may have been exposed to asbestos.


The most common people who have been exposed are construction and commercial construction workers. Along with that, their wives, especially if they were stay at home moms or housewives. This is because the asbestos sticks to the workers clothing then dispurses in the air during the washing process.

So housewives were innocent bystanders dealing with the workers dirty laundry and unfortunately in the process may have been exposed to unhealthy asbestos. If you think you have been exposed see a doctor about your mesothelioma options.

Survivors of 9/11- Clean up Crews of 9/11

The World Trade Towers were filled with asbestos insulation and other asbestos products. When the trauma happened to the buildings it flew it in the air around. Therefore, first responders and people who were in the building were affected. There have been many claims of asbestos exposure by those that were involved with 9/11. Talk about adding insult to injury, a person already surviving one of the most deadly terrorist attacks, only to suffer from painful cancer.

Along with that, after the attacks a clean up crew went in and unfortunately were also exposed. At the time, asbestos was not known to cause cancer and other lung problems so the proper protective equipment wasn’t used. Unfortunately, this has just left a wake of suffering people.

How Does Asbestos Cause Problems

Inside of your lungs there are little tiny compartments that absorb the air and take the oxygen into the body to be used. Also at this point, your body also discharges C02 so it can be released from the body. Asbestos has microscopic fibers that impede this process. The bodies natural response is to attempt to get rid of the fibers causing the problem. However, in the process of doing this the infection can turn into cancerous cells and quickly turn into mesothelioma. Unfortunately, that quickly can become deadly and very difficult to treat. Also, it doesn’t get caught early enough because people think they have a simple cold or infection until it is finally realized what is truly going on. So it is very important to be aware if you have been exposed and be able to transmit this information to your doctor so that any mesothelioma options can be treated properly.

Symptoms to Look For

All of the symptoms to look for involve the lungs and breathing. So if you suspect someone or yourself has been exposed to asbestos and you are struggling with breathing problems, then this is a clear sign to get to the doctor quickly. The main symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing with blood, weight loss and fatigue.


At the end of the day, asbestos exposure is an unfortunate thing that many people have been exposed to. There are lawsuits available to assist you to get the compensation you deserve if you are suffering. If you suspect you have been exposed and are having lung problems see a doctor immediately.

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