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The Right Models for combined garden room and shed

The set will certainly be more expensive, but of better quality and more durable. The choice of models is also more diverse, because the wooden shelters allow in addition to their classic sloping roof, to have a flat roof or rounded roof for more originality. The big disadvantage of wooden shelters is that they will require a high level of maintenance, to be repeated regularly. The only solution to do without it almost entirely would be to invest in an autoclave wooden shelter which is also rot-proof and resistant to insects. The check this site is the perfect choice that you can make.

The Other Materials

Conversely, metal and PVC shelters are much less demanding and do not require any maintenance apart from dusting. Save time and simplicity. On the other hand, although the PVC shelters retain a certain aesthetic appeal, the metal shelters remain behind. Other advantages of PVC or resin shelters, they are light, durable and withstand temperature changes. The best is to choose a model protected against UV so that it does not discolour over the years. Backlash, PVC shelters are on average more expensive than the others with the start of ranges around 400 €, against 300-350 € for those in wood and 250-300 € for those in metal.

Metal garden sheds are therefore the most economical version overall. They can be steel or aluminum. For steel, an anti-corrosion treatment is essential. Also very light and durable, the metal garden shed has the disadvantage of being very subject to temperature variations, quickly becoming hot or very cold to the touch. In addition, its thin metallic thickness makes it quite noisy.

Establish your installation well

Orientation and location are also important. Depending on its usefulness, place it either at the very bottom of the garden or, on the contrary, close enough to the house so as to limit back and forth. Above all, avoid orienting its main facade to the north. An orientation towards the south (east or west) is more indicated, for a better luminosity in particular. In the same way, take care that once in place the shade projected by your garden shed does not come to darken a plant requiring a direct sun or a corner of your terrace. Too much catch in the wind can also be harmful.

Depending on the type of model, the material, the quality of the elements and your level, a garden shed can be more or less easy to assemble. For example, wooden shelters will tend to require more handling, just by the weight of the panels which are heavier to transport. But rest assured, many designers have made efforts to make your job easier. Some brands even offer metal garden sheds that can be assembled without tools in just 30 minutes.

And for the more ambitious, who would like to go beyond the garden shed while retaining its functional aspect, it is also possible to switch to the higher range with garden garages. Much larger, these maxi shelters are capable of simultaneously containing a car and a storage space. A real extension of your house, allows you to build a second garage quickly and at a lower cost. Or even transform the old one into a real room to enlarge the internal living space in your home.

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