Before You Own A French Bulldog

French bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed which is also known as Frenchie. It is the fourth most popular dog in the United States. French Bulldogs are referred to as English dogs but are differentiated for their Bat Ears as trademarks. French bulldog barks rarely and as are considered as best pet apart from others if introduced properly. It is created in England in the 19th Century. They were produced by cross-breeding between Bulldogs and Ratters. They become very popular in France because of their small size and Bat Ears.


Frenchie needs high-quality dog food which should contain all essential nutrients and minerals. Their food requirements vary with each other. A Frenchie dog is different for its requirements and compared to an adult or senior Frenchie dog. Check for some essential elements for the dog food to make sure it contains protein, fats, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, etc. Big association of American feed control officials requirements – 22% of Protein fir puppy and 18% of Protein for adult Frenchie dogs.

The Nutrition

Fat is very good for them. According to the association of American feed control officials, food for Frenchie puppy should contain 8% of fats for the puppy, and for adults, it could be 5%. Omega-3 fatty acid in the form of DHA is very helpful for their eye and brain development. Complex Carbohydrates like sweet potatoes should also be a part of the ingredients. It’s advised to by a Grain-Free Diet. They don’t have any preservatives also no fillers.

Food for a day

A French bulldog needs well-balanced food per day. The daily food depends on age and size mainly. A French bulldog puppy needs around five cups of puppy food divided in mainly 3 times a day. After a certain age, you can start giving them adult dog food. Technically an adult dog needs around 25-30 calories of food of every pound of his body weight. If it is Frenchie even more active he’ll need more food.

Check the weight

Senior French bulldogs need slightly less food to compare to other Frenchie bulldogs. Normally senior bulldogs 5 cups of food divided into two times per day. French bulldogs for their obesity are exposed to a number of health problems. So you should count the weight every week to make sure that they’re not over or underweight and also they must take out for some extra activities or a walk.

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