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Why Does Your Cat Wakes You Up At Night?

Are you tired in the morning because your cat decided to jump into bed and wake you up?

This happens in a lot of households and it’s quite normal. You don’t have to panic and assume there is something wrong with your cat. In fact, this is natural and something they tend to do.

Here’s a look at why your cat wakes you up at night.

Shorter Sleep Cycles

To put it bluntly, this is how they are wired and it is something that comes naturally to them. The average cat will not sleep for as long as the average human, which means there are going to be moments when they wake up before you. In these cases, you have to realise the cat will not oversleep and is going to be eager to move on with its day.

If you are worried about them waking you up early then it’s best to close your door. This will act as a simple barrier and allow them to roam around without waking you up.

Of course, you should leave food out for them if they are going to be waking up at those hours.

Natural Hunting Instincts

It has a lot to do with their natural hunting instincts. The average cat will want to hunt and that is an instinct they have. In the wild, they would want to go and hunt animals earlier in the day to make sure they get something to eat. However, with a house cat, they are simply going to walk over to the food bowl and munch away.

Since this is the case with almost every cat, it’s recommended to find the best dry cat food and go from there. This will allow them to eat whenever they walk up and walk around the house.


Are they starting to show signs of hunger early in the morning? 

This is something you are going to have to get used to because they may want to eat earlier in the day. A lot of cats prefer eating during this time and will want their food as soon as they can get it.

This can end up meaning they are going to walk up to your bed and try to wake you up to fill the food bowl. If you want to overcome this issue, don’t be afraid to fill up their food bowl in advance.

Final Thoughts

Remember, your cat waking up during the night is normal and it’s nothing to worry about.

However, you should still take precautions and pay attention to how it’s doing throughout the day. There are situations when a cat isn’t going to feel good and that can lead to a number of concerns about their health. It’s always best to pay attention to their habits and go from there. If they are waking up a few hours before you would this is natural.

You should continue to pay attention to their sleep schedule and close your door so they can’t wake you up.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.